We are your trusted Apple IT partner. We are confident that we are the only managed service provider in Calgary and Alberta that specializes in the full eco-system of macOS, iOS & iPadOS.

We support a wide variety of businesses, with a focus on organizations with 10-50 employees. If you value your investment in Apple technology and understand the return on investment that managed IT delivers, it’s a match!!

Here are 11 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Choose Berti Group to Support Your Mac Technology.

We Are FUN To Work With.
Anyone can fix a computer, but the experience of working with the Mac and Apple ecosystem is important! We are part of Apple Consultants Network Members for 10 Years; we ensure that your IT is process- driven and our IT functions deliver effective technology solutions. This drives us to provide absolute fanatical support of your systems.

One-Stop-Shop for all your Mac IT needs.
Being part of Apple Consultants Network, we ensure that all your systems are effective in sync with your Mac ecosystem. We handle your IT Infrastructure including hardware, software and compatible applications, vendor relationships for your internet connectivity, website management, maintenance renewals, and any other related technology needs.

We Strive For LIVE Answer On Our Calls.
Our goal is to answer every call with a LIVE person. Forget being in automated menu hell. If getting someone to fix your computer is as painful as the computer problem itself, it’s a never-ending cycle of frustration. If you happen to get our voicemail it becomes a ticket on our service board immediately and you can be sure to get a callback.

Security Is Paramount.
At Berti Group, we follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. Your Security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. We educate our team and our clients on cybersecurity to keep networks safe. We got your back!

Fast Response To Requests & Critical   Response Time Guaranteed.
Some companies think if your problem doesn’t seem that bad they can wait a few days to call you back…. We get back to you fast so you know when your problem will be resolved. Our contracts spell out our response time, and when you’re dead in the water, we respond – FAST.

We Talk Plain English.
Despite being passionate about technology, we understand various levels of technological expertise. We want you to understand what we are doing and what the problem is. No geek-speak here!

Committed to Quality.
We don’t pursue every company that needs computer support. We choose only clients that share our values. Serving a company’s IT and critical network needs is a HUGE responsibility that we take very seriously. We don’t wait for problems as our advanced monitoring and security software ensures that most issues are taken care of behind the scenes, saving our clients on average $500 of manual maintenance per computer each month.

A Wide Spectrum Of Skills And Experience.
From quick Mac fixes to total server and network engineering – we’ve got it. And if there’s ever a problem we can’t solve, we know who to contact to get it fixed.

A Proven Track Record.
Unlike others in our industry, we can prove and show you how we deliver peace of mind, less downtime, faster problem resolution, data protection, money savings, streamlined communications, and simplicity in IT management for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
How many IT services companies are willing to offer a 100% refund? We do! If you are not satisfied with our services in the first 90 days, we will refund your monthly fee. Don’t take a risk when you don’t have to.

We LOVE Documentation.
Proper documentation of your network is critical for fast resolution of problems and to get projects done right the first time. It’s not even a question for us: all requests are documented, a resolution is documented, diagrams of your network are created… and your passwords are stored in a secure, encrypted location.

  • What You Should Expect to Pay for IT Support for Your Mac-based Business

    What You Should Expect to Pay for IT Support for Your Mac-based Business

    And How to Get Exactly What You Need Without Unnecessary Extras, Hidden Fees and Bloated Contracts

    This report will outline in plain, non-technical English the common mistakes that many small-business owners make while selecting their IT services company. We are providing this information to give you an idea of what most IT services firms charge and to help you understand the VAST DIFFERENCES in service contracts that you must be aware of before signing on the dotted line.

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