Google Calendars and Excel Spreadsheets is the rookiest move to plan a shift in retail and is terribly inefficient. Employee Scheduling software is the best solution to ensure that you will always have coverage in your store. Employee scheduling software allows you to track employees’ time- off requests, days off, and available to work hours. It gives you as a business owner the trust costs of labour.

What are the benefits?   By having one area that only you can accept changes in, this provides higher efficiency with less room for error (the only room for error being an employee not showing up for work on time).

I only have 10-12 employees! Why do I need a scheduling software?     If you do not have employee scheduling software you have likely already experienced the immense headache of trying to figure out when employees are able to work, pencil and paper in hand. Automating the process will give you more time to focus on other parts of your business to ensure its continued growth.