We help professional services to stay secure and compliant in a regulated industry.

Utilizing the latest technology in conjunction with Macs will help you to be more competitive as well as pass industry IT security and network audits. It is important to maintain the confidentiality of your clients in the legal stream; your data protection is our responsibility. Just like your client trust you with their most valuable and sensitive identity information including name, social insurance number, and bank account information. At Berti Group we support all professional services to help protect your customers' data and deliver not only a growing portfolio but peace of mine.

Berti Group’s IT Services Gives Us Budgeting Certainty

Because Berti Group is a small business, they understand small business needs. As a small firm we appreciate the budgeting certainty that comes with IT Managed Services.

They have trained us not to ‘cry wolf’ and to differentiate a ‘411’ from a ‘911’. In return, when we really do need them in a pinch they are here, often in person, to solve the problem.

Adam Pekarsky Owner
Pekarsky & Co.

Adam Has Built His Team To Be Easy To Get Hold Of

The convenience and low cost of maintenance have been the biggest benefits to our company since working with Berti Group. They’ve made it so that our Mac and cloud-based systems are easy to maintain and are reliable.

The staff at Berti Group are also easy to get a hold of and knowledgeable to ensure everything is working properly. They can’t fix people problems, but they do make sure to be patient to work through those issues too.

They are approachable, have a great attitude, and are knowledgeable. With other firms there was always something else that was needed, another upgrade, etc. Adam is very open with outlining all requirements at the beginning and attentive to cost-saving details and efficiencies.

Jevins Waddell Owner
TRIUM Environmental Inc.

Berti Group Is Responsive

The instant access to get help through BertiCare, Berti Group’s IT services plan, provides is crucial to our business.

My staff have the ability to correspond directly with Berti Group without me needing to be involved. Berti Group offers top-quality support with their team really knowing their stuff. Berti Group will easily prove themselves so there is no need to worry about choosing them as an IT company.

Don McDonald Founder
McDonald Luxury Homes