As you have read in the news, cloud-based applications are not always the safest bet. Cloud has made everything so much easier in terms of mobility, recovery, and time saved sifting through physical files. The thing is, however, is that Cloud-based applications can be compromised. That is why we work to ensure that everything you upload to the Cloud is safe and for your eyes only.

How do we ensure your office’s data protection?

  • Multi-factor authentication sign-on – We use multi-factor authentication to ensure that the right people are accessing your office’s files.
  • Comply with federal and provincial laws – We make compliance with federal and provincial data security and privacy laws such as PIPEDA, PIPA, HIA, and CASL our top priority. No other Calgary-based IT company guarantees this compilatory measure.
  • Regular testing and upgrading – Remember when your phone just had a four-digit unlock code, whereas now it is six? We at Berti Group make sure to regularly update our security measures to ensure that hackers are not ahead of us, better protecting our clients.