MyGlue is Your key to cyber-security

At Berti Group, cybersecurity is more than just a buzzword, it is a necessity for SMBs. As a unique collaborative tool, MyGlue fills in the hidden gaps in your IT security. You can store, create, and maintain passwords in a secure app, even manage security permissions on a granular level. Empower productivity and efficiency of your employees with the ability to document all of your SOPs, How-to docs, policies, contracts and more. Also, a built-in checklist feature makes it easier to keep track of and accomplish all your tasks.

You own and control your passwords
Passwords stored within MyGlue are not shared with Berti Group without your permission.

Securing your flow of information
Sharing passwords and information is secure and convenient for other users in your organization.

It is a password manager and more!

  • Manage passwords on one platform – Say goodbye to password insecurity. Now you can store, create, and maintain your passwords, plus view all passwords that we manage for you– all on the same platform. Helping you mitigate cyberattacks and avoiding hackers from exploiting sloppy, dangerous password habits
  • Virtual documentation library – Let your employees create, view, and securely share Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and all other information within your organization. You can also choose to share these files with us to eliminate email overload.
  • Manage IT assets – You can manage your hardware and software, develop business continuity and disaster Recovery Plans
  • Accessibility and airtight security – All your information is secured in MyGlue and is accessible through the web-app, mobile app, or on any webpages using the extension. Your data is secured in a top-notch secure site on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most secure cloud hosting platform, with SSL data encryption, SOC 2 compliance, and ongoing auditing.

Top 3 Ways to Use MyGlue

  • Password Vault
  • Structured Documentation
  • Checklists

Passwords Are Like Your Underwear

  • Never share them with anyone
  • Never leave them lying around, or on your desk
  • Refresh and embrace new style as your fit changes