Adam Berti - Managing Director/Owner

Adam enjoys exploring, travelling, sailing, soccer, badminton & Photography. He believes that IT can be incredibly satisfying or incredibly frustrating. Adam has years of Experience in crafting satisfying IT solutions, for small and medium-scale businesses. He believes that customer service, hands down has to be your number one priority regardless of the industry. He says, “If you are not willing to provide top-of-the-line customer service, why are you in business?”

Darren Pearce - IT Consultant

Web Development, IT Support, Software Development, e-Commerce Support/Development

Darren’s specialties are Web Development, IT Support, Software Development, e-Commerce Support/Development. He likes spending time with the family, biking, snowboarding, playing with all things tech. He believes that IT is the bedrock of any modern business and can be a powerful catalyst when implemented correctly. You have to always treat customers with a friendly attitude. He says that “People remember how you make them feel and I have found smiling (yes, even on the phone), and being sincerely interested in helping them solve their problem impacts their satisfaction.”

Cindy McGough - Office Administrator

Cindy conducts the administrative duties of the office and much more than that. Cindy likes Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Camping. She believes that nothing is perfect, not even state of the art technology. All the technology of the world couldn’t work perfectly all of the time which is why you need that human element too. Her customer service mantra is, if you want customers to stay with you, you must provide great customer service. She says that “Some companies cut prices to entice customers in, but to keep them, customers have to be happy with the level of service you provide, not just the price.”

Sumit Munjal - Marketing Coordinator

Sumit is a new addition to Berti family, he handles internal and external communications, social media, campaign management, newsletters and lead generation. His hobbies include yoga, biking, social media, and DIY, he is also actively involved in community events related to arts and culture. Sumit believes that IT is effective when it is left for experts and, customer service is effective when there is an open channel of communication between client and company. There is no substitute for good service, in any client-facing industry, it's surprising to see how many companies don't get this right, especially in the technology sector.