Nothing shocked me more than when I kept hearing about how other IT companies were only treating Apple products as a job on the side for small business owners in Calgary. In my experience Apple does things right the first time, so why weren’t these Calgary-based IT companies? They felt as though because they understood Windows, they could easily understand Mac. As though all operating systems are identical. This included some of the largest Managed IT Services companies in Calgary who charge for THEIR shortcomings!

If your specialty is connecting with customers about garden supplies, do you think you could also sell amusement park rides with ease? You have experience as a customer service seller, sure, but that does not mean you are able to do every job of the customer service and selling economy quickly, efficiently, and perfectly to ensure 100% satisfaction for your customers. That is why I could not understand how these IT companies could charge small and medium-sized businesses $400+ each month to manage a system that they didn’t even fully understand.

That’s where Berti Group came in; we are an Apple solutions Managed IT Services and Retail Solutions provider with our office in Calgary. I assure you that here at Berti Group we are the absolute best with Mac, and we pass on some of that expertise to our clients through clear and considerate communication to those of varying technical backgrounds. In other words, I guarantee that my staff and I will never use geek-speak with you and that you and your staff will always be learning more and more about technology through our partnership.

We are the ONLY IT company in Calgary who specializes in Apple products and technical education training for our clients. You will not be able to find another company in this city who can say that truthfully and with confidence. Not only is Apple a different ballpark which I have stated, so is the retail industry. This is because every retailer sells different, unique products that have different technology needs for their sales. Now, I am not looking to compare apples and oranges, but one commonality in all of retail is that it is in need of help from the tech world. Don’t believe me? How many of the largest stores that you grew up with are now closing down because they did not integrate into the technology-based landscape that we now live in? Retail giants that you thought would be around for more generations to come. I want to ensure that your business flourishes in a tech-driven world, not crumble.

Give me a call, shoot an email, or feel free to drop by our office. We at Berti Group are all excited to meet you and I promise that you will never be dissatisfied with our services. That is my guarantee to you.

Dedicated to your success,

Adam Berti, Managing Director and Owner
Berti Group Inc.