Apple MDM is a cloud-based device management system to streamline device deployment, enrolment, security and collaboration for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. Mac MDM solutions are available for iPads, iPhones and macOS devices used for business or education. In addition to supporting the full range of Apple devices, MDM allows users to access dashboards and report metrics, and includes automated software updates and patch management. Whether you are deploying 5 or 50 apple devices we can help you save money and reduce downtime, at Berti Group we ensure that you go through a seamless transition while utilizing Apple. Not only that, after your complete deployment, we ensure there is a management system in place and all devices are working efficiently and securely.

Apple devices are as easy to deploy if handled by professionals, if you are planning a brand-new deployment or adding new devices to your current Apple eco-system, we help you leverage these devices effectively. The process is simplified into four steps, integrating, building, setup and use.

With MDM solution, you an easily automate device setup, wirelessly configure settings and restrictions according to your organization and then assign device access to staff according to their role. MDM solutions are available for a wide range of vendors, whether your organization uses one or many vendors, cloud-hosted environment, or an in-house server it is simple to manage all of these above. Device enrolment in Apple further assists in providing flexibility of automating Mobile Device Management (MDM) and simplify device setup.

Why use Berti Group’s Mac Deployment Services?

It is highly cost-effective to centralize your IT functions rather than paying in-house IT person to manage devices, and with our expertise in Apple, we ensure that your deployment is done accurately. We ensure that there is smooth transition in deployment process and our goal is to avoid major disruption caused in workflow and office environment. And, with our experience we can identify gaps in deployment process and fix patches, ultimately speeding up the transition process.

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