We use Lightspeed an Omni Channel POS software for the modern retailers. Retailers using lightspeed typically see a 20% increase in revenue in their first year. An in-store POS system, Lightspeed, in essence, is a glorified cash register. That glorification, however, is warranted as a POS system will be far more tidy, easier to use and train on, and gives 100% accuracy. System breakage resulting in downtime is also far less likely with a POS opposed to an old-school cash register.

What are the benefits? Your business will be able to run far smoother in terms of tracking products, giving accurate reports on sales, as well, closing at the end of the night will take less time too.

The Nit and Grit of not having a POS or e-commerce - You can function without a POS machine and use an old-school cash register, but this is what economists like to call ‘opportunity cost’. The opportunity cost of not having a POS is that you will be spending more on training hours for staff members on using an old-school cash register, any costs associated with fixing your old cash register, the missed transactions when one of your cash registers is not working, therefore, increasing line size (and increasing customers’ frustration levels), and your headache from it all.

What do we provide? We are Lightspeed’s number one partner in Western Canada. Lightspeed’s system can track all of your inventory to ensure that everything is where it should be (tracking your shrink a lot better than counting everything in your store twice over). We also partner with Moneris for your POS hardware.