Remember that old MySpace account that you never use and could care less about if it was compromised? What was that MySpace account’s password, and better, are you still using that password or a variation of it? That is how cybercriminals will get hold of your personal information to infiltrate you further and sell all available pieces of your identity on the DarkWeb.

Our specialty-partnered identity monitoring and alerting software allows us to keep an eye out on you, your employees, and your family’s personal information. When we detect your information on the DarkWeb, our software allows us to swiftly and completely erase it from that interface.

How Berti Group’s Identity Monitoring & Alerting will benefit you:

  • We provide physical reports – numerous IT companies will say they offer DarkWeb scans, however, they cannot back up their claim. We provide monthly reports to you to show how we are protecting you and your business from cybercriminals.
  • Customizable plan – We offer our Identity Monitoring & Alerting plan on a month-to-month basis at a fixed low-rate. This is a new territory for you, so we will earn your trust as opposed to nickel-and-dime you.
  • No more worry, stress, and anxiety – With Berti Group’s Identity Monitoring & Alerting, you will no longer need to worry about your personal or business information falling into criminals, or even your competitors’ hands.