If you are a healthcare practitioner or a dental office in Calgary and you want to turn the newest and most innovative technology into a power tool that can move your business ahead of your competitors instead of a problem that costs you time and money, then we can help!

On average, our clients have 10 to 50 workstations and rely on their computers, network, phones, Cloud account, email, and Internet for daily operations. Most of our clients have a specialized line of business applications that they use to run their business and heavily rely on their software being operational, all day, every single day. They represent a broad cross-section of industries and are located in Calgary.

Adam Berti Is Innovative With Dental IT

A long time ago when I first met Adam, I wanted him on my team because I was tired of people in the dental industry telling me that ‘this is the way we’ve always done things,’ or ‘I don’t think that’s possible’.

Adam came on board and looks at everything with a perspective that is not limited by how things have always been done in dentistry. He provides solutions and ideas and keeps my office ahead of the game from that angle.

I trust his expertise in my IT solutions as he has a strong proven track record with my business which I am truly grateful for.

Roma Pastershank Former Owner
Glenmore Park Dental

More Time For Patients Since Moving To BertiCare

The biggest single benefit in moving to Berti Group is BertiCare. Their real-time monitoring and proactive approach prevents any IT and network issues. This allows me to concentrate on delivering quality care to my patients.

Adam and his team at Berti Group do EVERYTHING better than other IT companies I worked with in the past. They are relentless in pursuing the problem until it is solved.

If someone was on the fence about choosing Berti Group as their IT firm, I would say sitting on the fence is not comfortable. Get with the program and switch to BertiCare at Berti Group!

Tom Wierzbicki Owner
West Calgary Periodontal