Daylite is Market circle’s contact, schedule, project, and sales management program, is designed to help your small business to stay on top of everything. Think of it as a swiss knife, that has many uses, but it's two main objectives are: a) Tracking new business opportunities, and b) Following-up on what you promise to current and potential customers.

Small businesses need to stay on top of their incoming opportunities/business and follow-ups on ongoing projects. Spreadsheets are a nightmare, and most CRMs don’t help you manage projects and tasks. Daylite helps you stay on top of leads, clients, and projects – all in one place. Daylite can be used by organizations with users who need access to company data on all their devices no matter where they are.

Daylite helps you stay on top of new business- by tacking every deal in your pipeline and each lead from an email regardless of your sales cycle. Increase your revenue while decreasing your stress.

It manages clients and follow-ups –It is prime to follow-up with clients and with an entrepreneur running many facets of a business, it is easy to forget, or just not follow-up at all. Daylite resolves this issue by organizing all communication, details, and follow-ups in one place.

It lets you stay on top of the Projects -Daylite organizes people, conversations, details, and next steps in one place that helps you save time in long run. It allows you to get a better overview of your business and what your team’s progress on each project. It also streamlines your pipeline and checklist, to help you stay on top of your business.

Daylite Features & Integrations - For one affordable price, Daylite gives you interaction tracking, calendar and reminders, list management, email templates, deal pipelines, project management, task management, files and documents, and much more!

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