We are proud to be a Daylite Partner. In fact, we have been in partnership for over 10 years helping small business' manage and grow their business with Daylite.

Daylite is a powerful Apple-only app that works across Mac, iPhone and iPad. It is more than a CRM tool, it is built to help you manage relationships, close more deals, execute projects, and scale your business efficiently.

Small businesses need to stay on top of their incoming opportunities/business and follow-ups on ongoing projects. Spreadsheets are a nightmare, and most CRMs don’t help you manage projects and tasks. Daylite helps you stay on top of all of this no matter the Industry. Legal, Real Estate, Sales, Financial Services, Consulting - all of these industries can benefit from the customizations Daylite has to offer. It helps you track and share information across all employees on all their devices no matter where they are.

Daylite helps you make the most of relationships: It's quick and easy to track communication, including emails notes and phone calls. When you link this communication to opportunities, projects, or even other relationships, you ensure that a client or prospect never falls through the cracks.

You can close more deals faster: Track your opportunities through every stage of the pipeline and stop using archaic spreadsheets. Utilize templates to ensure no task is missed and no deal is forgotten about.

Execute more Projects: Daylite organizes people, conversations, details, and next steps in one place that helps you save time in long run. It allows you to get a better overview of your business and what your team’s progress on each project. It also streamlines your pipeline and checklist, to help you stay on top of your business.

Grow your business: Scaling a business requires structure and process. Daylite makes this easy by removing information silos and allowing employees to see exactly what they need to do and when.  In the modern Covid era, onboarding employees remotely is easy and they have access to everything from the moment they log in.

Heard enough and ready to start? Sign up for your free Trial today. After 30 days, your price is just $34/seat per month paid annually. Marketcircle is a Canadian company and so you can be happy they charge in CAD and not USD!


We help small business grow by managing and simplifying the technology around them. Daylite is one of the best tools you can implement as a business owner to keep managing your business data simply. Not sure if it's the right tool for you? Please reach out and schedule a conversation.


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Learn More about Daylite over at marketcircle.com. Start your free trial today!

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