If you are a small business with a limited team and multi-role individuals working for you, we understand that very well.

Once a man’s show, we grew from small to medium scale and no one understands your challenges more than us. We have personalized plans that are effectively priced to manage your limited IT needs at the same time have an on-call IT support whenever required. Even though most of our clients have highly specialized requirements, we understand the needs of a business regardless of scale. We ensure that whatever software you use, we keep it operational, all day, every single day.

We TRUST Berti Group

With Berti Group, especially Adam Berti, they are responsive and there for you.

We have had urgent issues arise and Berti Group always rectifies the problems very quickly. This has not been the case with past IT firms we have used.

Berti Group’s IT services package, BertiCare, removed IT issues that we had to deal with every day, which allows us to now focus our efforts 100% on our clients.

You can TRUST Berti Group. I would highly recommend that you choose them.

Bonnie O’Neill Principal
BOND Creative

Berti Care Has Put The IT Issues Out Of My Hands, To Focus Better On My Core Business

If someone is on the fence about choosing Berti Group as their IT firm I’d suggest them to talk to Adam, for his expert opinion on IT and his understanding of small business. Unlike other IT firms they don’t judge our set up and make asinine comments, they are straightforward and provide effective IT solutions. Moving to BertiCare has put the IT issues out of my hands and allows me to focus on our core business.

Rick Gendron Principal
818 Studio Ltd.