We know many of you have questions about our ability to be your IT Service Provider during these unusual times. Rest assured that our operations will continue as close to normal as possible, with our typical support strategy of first attempting to solve problems remotely. We wanted to update you with what you can expect from Berti Group going forwards. Please share this with your teams.

Service Levels

All of our staff will continue to be available to support your organization. Our systems are built to let us operate and work from anywhere, whether it’s answering phones, remotely connecting into your systems, or having face to face video calls to discuss projects andl check-in. At this point, we expect no impact on these systems but will update you if something changes.

On-Site Visits

To assist with government requests of social isolation and to help ‘flatten the curve’, we are reviewing every on-site visit to determine if it’s absolutely necessary. We continue to maintain our policy of troubleshooting via remote tools first, with escalation to on-site visits to follow. Where possible, we may now take an intermediate step asking you to be our hands or eyes should something need to be done on-site (eg. Manually powering down a device or changing cables).

Remote Work Options

We have received inquiries from many of you about remote working options for your own staff. It is very dependent on your business and what technologies you use and have in place. For example, our VoIP solutions can allow you to use your phone system from anywhere, whereas on-site servers may require some changes for remote access from home.

There are some very simple quick to deploy options if you are requiring immediate access, all the way up to more sophisticated network upgrades to allow VPN access. If you would like to explore remote working options, please email support@bertigroup.com so we can track your request and ensure we get back to you in a timely matter.

We care about the health and well-being of our staff, clients and the broader communities we live in. This is a guiding principle for us, and so our policies and procedures may change as direction from public health changes. But we are committed to overcoming any obstacles so we can continue to support you.

Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions.

Adam Berti- Managing Director