Has your office ever experienced its network collapsing that resulted in both financial costs and reputational damage, or have you ever worked somewhere where this has happened? Business continuity solutions are the number one reason why outsourcing IT is utilized by small and medium-sized businesses. You recognize how important it is to have your network up and running 100% of the time.

When you sign up for Berti Group’s business continuity computing solutions, you’ll find:

  • Alleviated stress – Gone are the days when you were not sure if all of your crucial data would be available whenever it is needed.
  • Increased efficiency by your employees – When your employees are able to work without running into computer problems, the only thing interrupting their workdays are themselves.
  • LTE Internet connections –Currently, LTE or 4G, is the fastest type of Internet speeds. We ensure our clients are on LTE so that their Internet speed does not hold them back.
  • Continuous data protection with virtualization – We make sure that there is a digital copy of your documents and that digital copy is well-protected. This will lower the risk of losing or destroying a document, as well as ease of finding a given document.