In January 2023, we are standardizing our endpoint security vendor to Malwarebytes. They offer a range of options for security features for our clients, and we can easily work with the tool to protect your endpoints.

Why did we change?

We were using a variety of different vendors for different levels of security across Mac and PC. We wanted to be able to standardize on a well respected program that behaved well on both Mac and PC. Additionally, it gives us the option for more advanced endpoint detection and response features for our clients who want a higher level of endpoint security

What if I already have Malwarebytes?

Historically, we have often advised clients to use the free version of Malwarebytes to clean up PUP (Potentially Unwanted Applications - like MacKeeper) or to scan and clean the system after other tools have detected problem files on your computer (think a belt and suspenders approach). You may still have Malwarebytes on your computer. If you decided to pay for the premium version independently, you no longer need to do so and you can remove and uninstall the software. It will not affect our version. With our version, you will not see it in your Applications folder on Mac, only up in the menu bar.

What is Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection?

This is the entry level product from Malwarebytes. They do a much better job describing their tools than we will, so head on over here and have a read:

What is Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response?

This adds in several more features sets to further protect your system, with many of these features being Windows only. This includes things like rolling back ransomeware and monitoring for suspicious activity.  On macOS, your device can be isolated from the network to prevent any further spread. Again, you can read up more at

What should I expect as an End User on my computer?

Mac Users will notice an icon in their menu bar up by the WiFi symbol that looks like a M squished into a circle. This signifies that Malwarebytes is active and protecting your computer. If desired, you can click on the icon and run a one time scan.

Windows Users will notice the same M icon in their System Tray. Previously we used Webroot on PC and you would have seen a Green W. This will be replaced by a Blue M. If desired, you can click on the icon and run a one time scan.