If you are an Apple nerd like all of us here at Berti Group, I don’t have to tell you that this week is a big one for Apple. There are two major releases from the company on both the hardware and software front. I won’t get deep into my thoughts here today, but I will just go just far enough to help you understand how this impacts your business and future decision making

MacOS Big Sur is the latest operating system from Apple and will be released today. Computers that are managed under our BertiCare platform will currently block you from upgrading. The reason for this is that Apple moves fast and isn’t shy about breaking things the first go around. As a business, you turn to us for expected outcomes in your IT, and to ensure these outcomes, as of now we need to block this release. This is nothing new: we do this every year as it isn’t clear right at the release of what will and will not work. It could be certain printers, some software you use, or other hardware. We typically don’t want a business to be running on Apple’s latest macOS until at least 2, sometimes even 3 revisions have shipped. We expect this to be in Spring 2021. We will of course look at your unique situation and decide on an individual basis when it’s right for you.

Apple also made a big jump in their hardware this week with the release of its processors, switching away from Intel. This is a much bigger deal than the aforementioned macOS release, as this new processor means the software needs to be rewritten to take full advantage of the new chips, and sometimes even just to be compatible with the latest machines. Apple knows this is a big jump, and so continues to sell computers with Intel processors. These new computers are shipping with macOS Big Sur and cannot be downgraded. Rest assured, we have already ordered these for learning and testing (and of course just nerding out). Please reach out to us to help us guide you in the decision-making process to ensure compatibility and the best option for your needs. As a reminder, if you are not currently set up with an Apple Online Custom store, we can help you with this as it enables us to support you in your purchasing by creating quotes directly with which you can simply click order.

We love working with Apple because they like to challenge the status quo and aren’t afraid to leave behind the past. This works great as a consumer where your efficiency and profitability don’t depend on your IT. So as always. please reach out if you have questions or need advice.

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