Managed IT Services for Mac, iPad & iPhone Users

Are you frustrated because your current IT provider

If you are using Apple technology in your business, you know it is a smart investment and to fully utilize this ecosystem you need the support of an IT provider with Mac expertise.

Adam Berti
Managing Director

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Berti Group for Your Business


We Are Partners With Apple and Have Been Apple Network Members for 10 Years

In this time, we have ensured that we are process-driven and have organized our IT functions that deliver effective technology solutions to small businesses.


We Give You More Time to Grow YOUR Business

As a business owner, you can devote your time to productive activities that add value to your business. You can focus on business decisions such as hiring, finance, sales and marketing and we ensure that IT would be least of your worries.


Your One-Stop-Shop for all your IT needs.

We handle your IT infrastructure including Apple hardware and software; network equipment and ISP relationships; third party software licensing and management; website management, maintenance renewals, and any other related technology needs.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Adam Has Built His Team To Be Easy To Get Hold Of

The convenience and low cost of maintenance have been the biggest benefits to our company since working with Berti Group. They’ve made it so that our Mac and cloud-based systems are easy to maintain and are reliable.

The staff at Berti Group are also easy to get a hold of and knowledgeable to ensure everything is working properly. They can’t fix people problems, but they do make sure to be patient to work through those issues too.

They are approachable, have a great attitude, and are knowledgeable. With other firms there was always something else that was needed, another upgrade, etc. Adam is very open with outlining all requirements at the beginning and attentive to cost-saving details and efficiencies.

Jevins Waddell Owner
TRIUM Environmental Inc.

Paying for IT Hourly costs you more in the long run than switching to BertiCare.

After switching to Berti Care, I no longer have to do anything. We can reach out to Berti Group anytime we have an IT related issue or a question. I am sure that it is cost-effective to work with ‘hourly-raters’ but they only fixed the problem at hand. With Berti Group Adam proposed other ways we can make our IT efficient, and even offered ways to save costs. I do not have to wait for help to arrive, or work on the weekend to meet someone to fix our IT issues. If a business wants to pick an IT firm based on ‘low-price’, they don’t realize that, it will cost more in the long run.

Frank Gordon-Cooper President
Kurmak Builders

Berti Group Cares About Me, My Team, And My Business

Each and every member at Berti Group sincerely cares about my team and my business. When there are issues to be addressed, they are not done so begrudgingly. Berti Group genuinely understand that IT problems hinder my business, which has them working hard to solve any issue.

When I started my company, Berti Group was there right away and were familiar and comfortable with what we did, how we did it, why we did it, and what we needed to accomplish on Day One.

An IT service firm that really cares about your ability to service clients and grow your business is not easy to find. Berti Group truly cares about my business.

Rick Vogel Owner
The Vogel Group


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