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Are You Sick and Tired Of Dealing With IT Service Providers That Are Impossible To Reach, Won't Follow Through, Can't Fix Things Right, and Nickel and Dime You For Everything That They Do?

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Berti Group Team

Berti Group Team

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Top 10 Reasons To Choose
Berti Group For Your Dental Office


We Are Calgary’s Only Dental IT Services Firm That Keeps Your Office 100% PIPEDA, HIA, PIPA, and CASL IT-compliant.


We Give You More Time With Your Patients.


Your Dental Clinic Won’t Be Our First Rodeo.

We work to ensure your office is 100% IT data regulations compliant. With data and security concerns becoming mainstream news and a growing public concern, Canada’s digital privacy laws are completely changing in 2019 which we are up-to-date and ahead of the game on versus other IT providers in the city.

You own your practice and have to do all of the operations, sales, marketing, human resources, and finance. You also have to see as many patients as possible in a day. Our IT solutions will ease your business owner headaches enabling you to see more patients in a day.

Our clients regularly tell us how much they appreciate our services in comparison to other IT firms they have worked with in the past. We’re not just saying we’re responsive, trustworthy, and professional, we have EVIDENCE by serving Calgary’s most technology innovative dental clinics for 8 years in this market.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Adam Berti Is Innovative With Dental IT

A long time ago when I first met Adam, I wanted him on my team because I was tired of people in the dental industry telling me that ‘this is the way we’ve always done things,’ or ‘I don’t think that’s possible’.

Adam came on board and looks at everything with a perspective that is not limited by how things have always been done in dentistry. He provides solutions and ideas and keeps my office ahead of the game from that angle.

I trust his expertise in my IT solutions as he has a strong proven track record with my business which I am truly grateful for.

Roma Pastershank Former Owner
Glenmore Park Dental

A Monumental Difference In IT Service With Berti Group

The single biggest benefit that our company has received since moving to Berti Group’s IT services, BertiCare, is that Adam and his team have instant response 24/7.

Our company is extremely impressed with their professionalism and exemplary responsive fashion. Berti Group is proactive in taking care of our system and are on the leading edge of IT systems so that they can always anticipate future challenges.

You will see a monumental difference from the onset. You will be very lucky – we know we are!

Susan Finestone Office Manager
South Calgary Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Berti Group’s IT Services Gives Us Budgeting Certainty

Because Berti Group is a small business, they understand small business needs. As a small firm we appreciate the budgeting certainty that comes with IT Managed Services.

They have trained us not to ‘cry wolf’ and to differentiate a ‘411’ from a ‘911’. In return, when we really do need them in a pinch they are here, often in person, to solve the problem.

Adam Pekarsky Owner
Pekarsky & Co.

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If so, we would at least like to give you a copy of our recently published report, What Every Dentist Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive, and Fairly Priced Computer Consultant.

Even if you are not ready to make a change right now, this report will give you important questions you should ask your current IT person to make sure that their policies, procedures and service standards will not leave you vulnerable to expensive problems, lost data, viruses, hacker attacks and a host of other problems.

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