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Payware Mobile for iPhone

Verifone Credit Card Sleeve

Payware Mobile for iPhone is your simple solution for accepting payments on the iPhone. When you connect a Verifone Card Encryption Sleeve to your iPhone, you can swipe credit cards and accept payment from your customer on the spot. It's easy to swipe cards, enter the payment amount, and collect a signature. It's the ultimate solution in convenience, portability and security.

You may be wondering if this is the right solution for your business. Every business needs to take payment, and credit cards provide the quickest method to collect on the sale. Just think how it may fit into your business:

Payware Mobile
  • Tradespeople: You've done the work and want to collect payment immediately. It's the first time you've visited this customer, and you're not sure if a cheque is a great idea.
  • Professional Speakers / Consultants: You travel a lot and want to cut down on the hardware you carry around. Now all you need is an iPhone attachment and you can be selling your books and CDs right at your events without any trouble.
  • Couriers / Delivery Companies: You need to collect payment at the time of pickup but you haven't done a credit check on your new Client, take a credit card and be assured of payment
  • Fundraising: You've got a team of volunteers taking imprints of credit cards and processing them later. Eliminate manual entry errors and process credit cards on the spot. Most of your volunteers already have iPhone's anyways...

    Whatever your industry, you want to make that sale and collect payment, and Payware Mobile is the solution. Please contact us using the form to the right if you would like more information on this solution. You can also reach us directly at 403-879-1642. Payware Mobile


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